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Napoleon SSX140481 48,000 BTU Central Air Conditioner Unit

List Price: $3766.10
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There's no reason you should endure the heat. With the Napoleon SSX140481 central air conditioner unit you can keep your home cool while still saving energy! This unit is more efficient than others on the market with an SEER of 14 and an Energy Star rating. On top of all that it's still very powerful with a 4 ton cooling capacity and 48,000 BTUs!

This model features service valve gauge ports that are conveniently positioned for multiple directional access. The single-panel access to controls allows for space for field-installed accessories. Also, the vertical vents can be cleaned easily.

Long-Lasting Design
The Napoleon SSX140481 air conditioning system is built to last. It is protected by a painted galvanized full metal jacket and hail guard so it can withstand harsh weather. Also, it includes a durable steel louver coil guard.

Environmentally Safe
Don't worry about this air conditioner's affect on the environment. All Napoleon ACs use the safe R-410A refrigerant that won't cause any harm to the environment by emitting harsh chemicals into the air.

Energy Savings
It's no wonder this unit is Energy Star rated with features like a high efficiency scroll compressor. A time delay relay standard continues to cool the internal components after the compressor shuts off. A factory installed liquid-line filter dryer keeps the components working efficiently.

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