SecureRepair SRW-DOP4YU200 No Lemon 4-Year Warranty

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SecureRepair 4-Year Date of Purchase Warranty $101-$200
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Do you think a warranty is a waste of money? Think again! If you purchase a long-term warranty like the SecureRepair SRW-DOP4YU200 you'll be covered for up to 4 years from the date of purchase. That's a long-time and the longer your have your products the more likely they are to breakdown! This particular warranty covers products between $101-$200. It includes a no lemon guarantee ensuring that if your products can't be repaired they'll be replaced. It also features power surge protection, helpful customer support and a factory authorized service center. In the long-run purchasing a repair warranty will save you money!

Also, registering your products couldn't be more easy. You'll be sent an email with a link to registration. Just fill in your information and submit within 10 days of your purchase. Then start enjoying your products knowing they are covered.


  • Model: SRW-DOP4YU200
  • Product Type: 4-Year Date of Purchase Warranty
  • Application: Great warranty for products under $200 starting the date of purchase for 4 years
  • Warranty: 4-years
  • Warranty Length: 4 years
  • Includes Parts and Labor : Yes
  • Conditions: Product costs less than $1,500


  • All your questions are quickly answered by helpful customer support
  • Factory authorized service center provides quality repairs
  • If your product can't be repaired it will be replaced with the no lemon guarantee
  • Parts and labor are included in the warranty plan
  • Protection from power surges
  • Registration is made very easy

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5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
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from ATL
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
Peace of Mind
Four year warranty should ensure I am covered for many years.

SecureRepair SRW-DOP4YU200 4-Year Date of Purchase Warranty

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