Guardian SKCK Childrens Survival Kit

  • First aid for serious boo-boos
  • Fits in a backpack just like at school!
  • Light and communications to let the good guys know where you are
  •
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Guardian SKCK Childrens Survival Kit
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Guardian SKCK Childrens Survival Kit because children are the future and must survive the Reckoning.

Time to Be Brave, Okay?
Surviving can be tough and a little bit scary but don't worry, everything will be okay. This kit has everything you need to stay safe from the bad people after the Reckoning till help arrives.

Grown-ups Have All the Fun
If help doesn't arrive, with this kit you will be able to lead a collection of children in founding a new city where chores and well balanced meals are history. This kit has a shelf-life of 5 years giving you plenty of time to get big and strong.

Warm 'n Cozy
Stay warm 'n cozy on those chilly nights when a parent isn't around to tuck you in. A polar fleece blanket and warm winter gloves fight away the cold and are fun to wear!

It's Play Time!
When parents are away it's time to play! This kit includes toys, a coloring book and radio to keep you entertained with your imagination. Don't focus on the worst, just the best of the situation!

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  3. Money back guaranteed
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  • Model: SKCK
  • UPC: 616983314456
  • Product Type: Childrens Survival Kit
  • Product Dimensions: L: 15.00" x W: 12.00" x H: 6.00"
  • Product Weight: 9.00 lbs.
  • Application: For kids.
  • Type: Survival Kits , First Aid Kits , Lights & Communication , Hygiene & Sanitation , Shelter & Warmth , Tools
  • Emergency Type: Earthquake , Hurricane , Terrorism , Tornado , Flood , Storm , Fire , Home , Office , School , Car , Sports
  • Shelf Life: 5 years
  • Kit Includes: 12- 4 oz. water pouches, 6- 400 calorie food bars, 10 water purification tablets, AM/FM radio with headphones and batteries, rechargeable squeeze flashlight, 3- 12-hour emergency glow sticks, 5-in-1 survival whistle, polar fleece blanket, 16+ hour body warmer, emergency poncho for children, warm winter gloves, N95 dust mask, hygiene kit with toothbrush/paste, 9 wet naps, soap 3 pocket tissue packs, 37-pc. portable first aid kit, children toys


  • First aid for serious boo-boos
  • Fits in a backpack just like at school!
  • Food and water to keep your tummy happy until the good guys come
  • Light and communications to let the good guys know where you are
  • Shelter and warmth so that you stay nice and warm
  • Toys to keep you entertained without bothering other survivors

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