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Dimplex SEP-BW-460-FB Vienna 32 Inch Electric Fireplace

List Price: $2858.70
Price Break: -$659.70
Our Price: $2199.00
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The Dimplex SEP-BW-460-FB Vienna 32-inch electric fireplace brings warmth, light, and a sophisticated style to just about any room in your home. Enjoy all the beauty and warmth of a real fireplace without the hassle of wood, smoke, and ash - simply plug into any standard 120-volt outlet and go! Versatile heating functions let you enjoy the fire aesthetic all year long with the option of no heating.

Install Anywhere
Since no ventilation system is required to operate you can easily install the Dimplex SEP-BW-460-FB Vienna 32-inch electric fireplace anywhere, leaving you with a wide range of possible applications!

Safe For Children
The Dimplex electric fireplace and Vienna mantel is the ideal choice for families with small children. The functional bi-folding glass doors are made to be cool to the touch, protecting little hands from burns.

Cleaner Air
Rather than contributing to ventilation problems like some unvented gas products, the unit boasts a Purifire air treatment system that continuously filters irritants from the air!

Seeing Is Believing
The Dimplex SEP-BW-460-FB Vienna 32-inch electric fireplace has realistic hand-finished logs with a natural inner glow, fading embers, and Electraflame technology so real you won't tell the difference!

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