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Sanitaire SC6052 Commercial Air Mover with 3-Speed Controls

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The Sanitaire SC6052 commercial air mover is a compact, portable, easily stored, yet durable commercial air mover. This commercial air mover is cleverly designed with convenient on-board cord storage, a telescopic handle, wheel base for ease of movement, and stackable abilities, creating incredible ease of use and convenience for your commercial air moving needs.

Compact and Storage Friendly
The SC6052 features a cleverly designed telescope handle that is accessed with ease yet slides directly into the body of the unit when no longer needed. Sanitaire also included a cord storage device on this commercial air mover, allowing the 20 foot cord to be tucked away in a tidy manner. The dual flat base of this unit allows it to be stacked for convenient and efficient storage.

The SC6052 is not limited in its air moving capabilities. It intuitively it blows air directly onto the surface of the floor and can also be positioned for vertical air moving. This unique feature allows the air mover to double in function: it dries floor surfaces and also dries walls and ceilings.

3-Speed Controls
Capable of selecting high, med, and low, the SC6052 provides a customizable power of air moving, allowing you to choose the appropriate speed for the level of moisture. For jobs with higher levels of moisture, it's best to choose a higher setting. For jobs with lower moisture levels, a lower setting will suffice.

Commercial Quality
Sanitaire specifically designed this unit for commercial use. Equipped with 0.5 HP of power and a 20 foot long cord the SC6052 is capable of drying the dampest of floors. This unit moves air at an incredibly power rate, taking the amount of drying time down to a fraction.

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