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Dimplex SAP-500-C Marana Electric Fireplace and Media Console

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Dimplex adds elegance, convenience, and warmth straight to your living room with the SAP-500-C Marana. This beautiful cherry electric fireplace and media console not only boasts a realistic fireplace but also an elevated glass panel that holds a flat screen TV as large as 52"!

Convenient Cabinets
The Dimplex SAP-500-C offers two cabinets with smoke-glass doors and multiple shelves for you to place your DVDs, movie equipment, and other essentials.

Quiet Warmth
With a quiet fan-forced interior, the SAP-500-C Marana is able to heat up 400 square foot rooms as you watch television or play video games!

Eco-Friendly Fireplace
Durable stainless steel encases a 3,415 BTU fireplace heater with realistic flames and a log set. Use the flame-only option for multi-season elegance!

Customized Heat
The Dimplex SAP-500-C Marana electric fireplace and media console offers customizable warmth and optimized comfort with an adjustable interior life, flame speed control, and a programmable thermostat.

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