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New Leaf RPLU200 1-Year Replacement Plan with Reliable Customer Service

5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
1 reviews
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Average rating:
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
I give it 5 stars
My daughter who is 52 years of age had a stroke when she was 49. She works for Hospice as a License Clinical Social Worker and at her desk she gets very warm, however, the agency she works for would not allow a desk fan unless it had a three prong plug. Trying to find one on the local market was impossible so I went on the internet and found an Air King Desk Fan like I was looking for. It really solved the problem.

Benefit from added protection with the New Leaf RPLU200 1-year replacement plan. This plan safeguards your purchase and provides product security.

No Hidden Fees or Costs
When you choose the New Leaf RPLU200 1-year replacement plan, you can rest assured that there are no hidden fees or repair costs to surprise you. You're product is fully covered without any additional cost.

Reliable Repair Service
The New Leaf RPLU200 1-year replacement plan is a reliable repair service that's guaranteed to provide you with the best product security. Choose this plan and you know you're covered.

Repair or Replace Promise
The New Leaf RPLU200 1-year replacement plan features a repair or replace promise. If you're product cannot be repaired it will be replaced without a hassle.

Superior Product Security
Purchase your product and add the the New Leaf RPLU200 1-year replacement plan and you know you're product is safeguarded. This plan works for you, you're item is protected.

  • Model: RPLU200
  • Product Type: 1-Year Replacement Plan
  • Application: Extended repair warranty
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Warranty Length: 1 years
  • Includes Parts and Labor : Yes
  • Conditions: Product costs less than $1,500
  • Comes With: Factory autorized service centers , 24-hour toll-free telephone support
  • Completely free of hidden fees and repair costs
  • Ensures complete customer service satisfaction
  • Includes reliable customer service
  • Provides exceptional product security
  • Top quality service repair
  • Worry free product repair or replacement

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Why did you buy this item?
Piece of mind
- Darrell H. on 02-20-2014
extra insurance is always good
- jennifer j. on 05-16-2014
- monty m. on 05-20-2014
It's a good thing...
- Debra C. on 07-23-2014
If it does not malfunction in the first year it is not likely to do so.
- Peter A. on 08-07-2014
just in case it break's
- mark h. on 10-08-2014
Just in case
- Tanya W. on 10-13-2014
- Alan R W. on 10-28-2014
Warranty is always good to have as a back up. Better safe than sorry.
- Evbuowie N. on 11-02-2014
- Paul Z. on 10-31-2014
figured we needed this.
- teresa r. on 11-13-2014
If anything goes wrong, it will be in the first year
- Anne K. on 11-21-2014
something I always do.
- Linda L. on 12-01-2014
From all of the reviews of some ice makers.
- David H. on 12-03-2014
for the protection of the product
- Elaine S. on 12-03-2014
- Phyllis S. on 12-07-2014
wanted to make sure my investment was protected.
- Maurice V C. on 12-11-2014
I like the idea of having extra warranty protection on the electronic items I purchase.
- Jennifer Z. on 12-12-2014
Can't go wrong with this!
- Deb K. on 12-23-2014
Just in case
- Leslie B. on 12-30-2014
Because a lot of things don't last long anymore.
- Lorraine S. on 01-07-2015
My daughter having had a stroke when she was 49 works with Hospice and at the desk where she spends a lot of time it is quite warm at time and she will be using the fan a lot. A replacement plan will be worth it.
- Jimbo on 02-18-2015
I chose this protection plan to guarantee my product.
- Donald S. on 03-02-2015
I had one before from sears and really liked it.
- Nancy H. on 05-10-2015
Just in case.
- Linda O. on 05-20-2015

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