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Bluewater RO400C-HR PRO Reverse Osmosis High Rejection Water Purification

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Bluewater RO400C-HR PRO Reverse Osmosis High Rejection Water Purification
If you are looking for a quality reliable compact tankless reverse osmosis system, you have found it. The Bluewater / Dometic purification systems are the system of the future.The new RO400C-HR may be used when a requirement of both high flow and high quality water are required.

Best water purification
With this water purification system, you get the best. Bluewater water purifiers deliver the world's most effective residential water cleaning technology, removing about 99% of the most known pollutants in the water, which compares with hospital standards.

Reverse osmosis benefits
Reverse osmosis is widely considered the most effective method of purifying water due to the filtration processes that remove virtually all polluntants including micro-organisms, pesticides, heavy metals and toxins- leaving safer, pure water. The membrane blocks chemicals, and other contaminants as well as bad odours and taste. The filter captures everything nasty down to 0.0001 micron.

Special Features Include

  • Compact design
  • High capacity and high flow rate
  • Continuous operation
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Direct flow w/no tank required
  • Filters water impurities
  • For hydroponics, greenhouses, grocers, paint pretreatments, and printing presses

High capacity and high flow rate
The Bluewater RO600C-HF PRO High Flow Reverse Osmosis Water Purification features a flow rate at 15 degrees Celcius of up to 2.5-3.5 liters per minute. Capacity equals 0.8 +- 0.1 gallon/min, 43.2 gallon per hour (1 hour=54 minutes), and 1036 gallon per day (1 day=24 hours). Moreover, water efficiency ranks at 50-60% with a minimum energy consumption rate of 530W.

Continuous operation
Benefit from the continuous operation feature. The Bluewater RO600C-HF PRO High Flow Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System operates continuously due to automatic flushing of the membrane.

Compact design
Ideal for a variety of environments the Bluewater RO600C-HF PRO High Flow Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System is compact in size, and therefore, perfect for even the smallest of spaces. It measures 466mm x 225mm x 460mm. All dometic reverse osmosis systems are direct flow and tankless.

Easy to install and maintain
Don't worry about installation. The bluewater brand is designed for super easy installation and maintenance. The diverter valve ensures maximum water quality, making this one of the easiest water purification sytems available. This unit uses requires a replacement carbon and particle filter and should be chnaged as needed.

Pressure controlled outlet
Another great feature is the pressure controlled outlet. This water purification system is designed for operation with a pressurized or atmospheric open tank, and allows for continuous monitoring and control of water quality and water flow.  

For a variety of uses
In both hydroponics and conventional greenhouses, the quality of water being fed to the plants should be consistent quality. Variations in water quality can effect the health and growing rate of the plants. Reverse osmosis is a choice solution to meet these process requirements. This is also used by grocers, printers, and painters.

  • Model: RO400C-HR
  • Product Type: Reverse Osmosis High Rejection Water Purification
  • Product Dimensions: L: 8.90" x W: 18.30" x H: 18.10"
  • Product Weight: 64.00 lbs.
  • Application: Uses reverse osmosis to purify water
  • Purification Technology: Reverse osmosis with membrane
  • Contaminants Removed/Reduced: Heavy Metals , Pesticides , Micro-Organisms , Toxins
  • Maximum Flow: Liters/Hour, 3.5 Liters/Minute
  • Installation Location: Under Counter
  • 1036 gallon per day (1 day=24 hours)
  • 530W
  • Capacity: 0.8 +- 0.1 gallon/min
  • Capacity: 43.2 gallon per hour (1 hour=54 minutes)
  • Compact design
  • Continuous monitoring of water quality
  • Direct Flow, no tank
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Excellent for hard water
  • High flow rate
  • High recovery rate even under tough conditions
  • High Rejection membrane
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Premium Particle and Carbon filter prefiltration
  • Recovery 50-60% - rejection 99%
  • How to Install Your Bluewater Pro Water Purifier:

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