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Quietaire QC18DVS 18 Inch Direct Drive Portable Evaporative Cooler

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Maintain a cool and comfortable workplace with the super-efficient Quietaire QC18DVS! This 18 inch direct drive portable evaporative cooler operates on pennies per day by pulling less amps and operating efficiently with its thick 6" saturated cooling pads. The QC18DVS is built to last for years to come with its durable, high-quality material and non-corrosive metal construction.

Water Filter
The Quietaire QC18DVS evaporative cooler comes with a convenient water filter that removes large particles from the system.

Drops Temperatures by 26° F
The QC18DVS air cooler can maximize cooling power and lower temperatures significantly with its highly efficient cooling pads.

No Sagging, Cracking, or Leaking
With a galvanized steel bar at the bottom of the unit, this 18" direct drive air cooler is able to hold its 60-gallon water weight without cracking or sagging.

Water Resistant
The QC18DVS features a totally enclosed motor and sealed electrical wiring that makes the unit safe and water resistant.

Great for Industrial Areas
The Quietaire QC18DVS 18 inch direct drive portable evaporative cooler is perfect for cooling down industrial and commercial areas up to 900 square feet, including construction sites, garages, automotive workshops, and more!

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