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Pridiom PMD365HQX 36,000 BTU Quad Zone Split Air Conditioner With Auto Restart

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The versatile Pridiom PMD365HQX 36,000 BTU quad zone split air conditioner will keep you comfortable all year long. Place the indoor units in any four rooms of your house to stay cool in the summer and warm during the winter. Zone heating/cooling will help save you electricity, too, since you're not wasting energy on unused rooms.

A split air conditioner is cheaper than central air conditioning since it uses much less energy. The Advanced Inverter Technology further maximizes the efficiency of the PMD365HQX, since it allows for the speed of the compressor to change depending on the cooling/heating demand.

Low Ambient Operation
The Pridiom PMD365HQX comes with a heat pump for heating power during the wintertime. It can operate in low ambient conditions as low as about 17 degrees F.

Convenient Features
The Pridiom PMD365HQX 36,000 BTU quad zone split air conditioner also features a dehumidification mode to remove excess moisture from the air, an auto restart mode in case of a power outage, and automatic swinging louvers for an even distribution of air.

All Parts Included
The Pridiom PMD365HQX 36,000 BTU quad zone split air conditioner comes with four 9,000 BTU indoor units and one 36,000 BTU outdoor unit. It also comes with an installation kit, so you can have a more comfortable home right away!

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