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Ebac PD200 190 Pint Pool Dehumidifier

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The Ebac PD200 pint pool dehumidifier is perfect for harsh marine environments or for an indoor swimming pool/spa. It is a rugged, reliable machine that can solve a wide variety of moisture problems. The PD200 pool dehumidifier features application flexibility -- it can be ducted or can stand alone.

Sturdy Construction
The Ebac PD200 190 pint pool dehumidifier comes complete with totally enclosed coils in an epoxy-coated, heavy gauge steel case and durable, military-type carrying handles.

Operates at Low Ambient Temperatures
The PD200 pool dehumidifier automatically melts away frost buildup, providing effective operation at low ambient temperatures with its reverse cycle defrosting feature.

Easy Condensate Collection or Hose Attachment
This dehumidifier allows easy condensate collection and/or hose attachment with a convenient drain point.

Maintain a Desired Level of Dryness
The PD200 allows you to maintain a desired level of dryness with an adjustable control humidistat.

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