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PolarCool PC-36-DD-VS-126V 36'' Variable Speed 126V Commercial Evaporative Cooler with Optional 80 Gallon Water Tank

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Polar-Cool PCTank Commercial Swamp Cooler($869.95)
Port-A-Cool MK-47-CS Port-A-Cool Mineral Treatment Additive - Case of 6 Cartons($229.00)


PolarCool is a portable evaporative cooling system that is effective in providing spot and area cooling for a multitude of applications that normally would prove to be costly or inefficient to cool with refrigerator air.

All PolarCool evaporative swamp cooler units feature high quality stainless steel cabinets, heavy duty pumps and long lasting pads. Operation is simple; connect to a water supply, plug into an electrical outlet and direct the fan to the desired area, then turn the evaporative swamp cooler unit on. Within minutes, the cool air produced will help increase the comfort level of employees, athletes, customers or animals.

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5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
This Product speaks for it self!! Amazing
Great service!! Great Product!! Great Price!! I will definately do buisness again!!