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Port-A-Cool PAC2K48HZ Portable Evaporative Cooler With Casters

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  • Cost effective cooling
  • Energy efficient and powerfully effective cooling
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial uses


The Port A Cool PAC2K48HZ is a powerful and efficient evaporative cooler designed for use in areas where hazardous conditions require the use of sealed components. The huge 48" fan that delivers 17,500 CFM and highly efficient Kuul pads means that the PAC2K48HZ can cool 4,000 square feet with ease.  

25 Gallon Reservoir
The large reservoir means that you don't have to keep filling the unit over and over again. Simple hose hookup lets you fill with ease or leave attached and the automatic float will ensure that there the tank stays filled.

The PAC2K48HZ comes standard with a 110V plug so it can be plugged into just about any standard outlet. Reaching up to 50 ft in length the power cord offers an extended reach for easy placement and use. 

Sealed Components
Sealed electrical components let you cool in areas you never though possible. Flammable fumes and hazardous conditions don't have to stop you from having cool air where you need it.

Rubber Casters
The Port A Cool PAC2K48HZ also features large 8" rubber casters that let you easily move the cooling to where you need it most. 

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