Port-A-Cool PAC-CVR-C2 Port-A-Cool Swamp Cooler Cover with Head to Toe Coverage

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Port-A-Cool PAC-CVR-C2 Port-A-Cool Swamp Cooler Cover
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Feel secure storing your Port-A-Cool air cooler with the Port-A-Cool PAC-CVR-C2 Port-A-Cool swamp cooler cover. This cover offers head to toe coverage for great results.

Durable Construction
Made from durable, black vinyl, the Port-A-Cool PAC-CVR-C2 Port-A-Cool swamp cooler cover will protect your evaporative cooler through many uses. This cover is a worthwhile investment.

Full Body Protection
The Port-A-Cool swamp cooler cover covers your cooler from head to toe. Keep your cooler in great working condition and safeguard the interior with this option.

Perfect for Storing
If you're moving or plan to store your cooler over the winter months, the Port-A-Cool PAC-CVR-C2 swamp cooler cover is what you need. No need to worry about the unit while it's tucked away, it'll be in great condition when you use it next season.

Easy to Apply
The Port-A-Cool PAC-CVR-C2 cover is designed for easy use. Simply slide it over the unit for complete coverage and slide it off. There are no gismos or complicated gadgets to deal with.

Guaranteed Satisfaction.

  1. 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  2. Up to 30 days to return your purchase
  3. Money back guaranteed
  4. Free return shipping
  5. No restocking fees


  • Model: PAC-CVR-C2
  • UPC: 614288991853
  • Product Type: Port-A-Cool Swamp Cooler Cover
  • Product Color: Black
  • Application: Used to cover the Cyclone 2000
  • Product Type: Swamp Cooler Cover
  • Product Quantity: 1
  • Compatible Models: Cyclone 2000


  • All weather design for even better protection
  • Great way to store your cooler
  • Increases cooler longevity when not in use
  • Keeps dirt and debris out, safeguarding the motor and vents
  • Offers full body coverage for complete protection
  • Protects the cooler during a move

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Port-A-Cool PAC-CVR-C2 Port-A-Cool Swamp Cooler Cover

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