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TPI P3P2640CA1 480V 136,520 BTU Heater

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  • Controlled by wall-mounted low voltage thermostat
  • Heavy duty fan blades
  • Uses up to 40,000 watts
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TPI P3P2640CA1 480V 136,520 BTU Heater heats like no other because it does so massively.

It Heats
This heater outputs up to 136,520 BTUs of heat for ultimate comfort no matter what temperature it was.

It's for Heating
What do you do when you are cold? Sure you could move to a more temperate climate but that requires packing. This only requires electricity.

It's Durable
Made from materials, this unit promises durability that doesn't sacrifice power or price for a product that will last at least for a while.

It's Efficient
Taking electricity that is generated miles away, most likely by combusting fuel, relieves you of the obligation to generate energy locally by burning gas, coal or wood.

  • Model: P3P2640CA1
  • UPC: 686334717618
  • Product Type: 480V 136,520 BTU Heater
  • Product Dimensions: L: 29.25" x W: 10.06" x H: 34.00"
  • Product Weight: 175.00 lbs.
  • Application: Massive heating at bargain basement prices.
  • Type: Space Heater
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Power Indicator Light: No
  • Carrying Handle: No
  • Remote Control: No
  • LCD Screen: No
  • Touch Screen: No
  • Wall Mountable: No
  • Controlled by wall-mounted low voltage thermostat
  • Enjoy up to 136,520 BTUs
  • Heavy duty fan blades
  • Premium Nickel Chromium heating element
  • Single phase motor
  • Uses up to 40,000 watts

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