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North Storm NS-30L-AWC Wicking Pad NS-30L-Filter

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  • Bacterial Resistant
  • Durable And Non-Deformative
  • Made from Plant Fiber Materials


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The North Storm NS-30L-AWC Wicking Pad NS-30L-Filter
At the heart of North Storm coolers is their featured "wicking" pad. The cooling and air filtering wicking pad is the unseen, ever-beating heart of North Storm coolers and their utility can only be rivalled by their composition. Each North Storm NS-30L-AWC wicking pad NS-30L-Filter is made of all natural antibacterial plant fibers, utilizing a mechanized and proprietary high temperature, high pressure assembly process to create them. The process ensures that this wicking pad will never deform over time, and also that it will maximize the wet surface area necessary to keep your evaporative cooler cooling and delivering clean air.

What is "wicking" and why is it important?
"Wicking" is a gradually natural process, critical in North Storm cooling units, in which cool water spreads over the surface area of a eco-friendly wicking pad, ensuring that a thin layer of water covers as much of the material as possible. In some cases, cool water will even travel against the force of gravity in order to ensure complete cooling coverage. While this naturally ongoing process is a great help to evaporative coolers in their job to cool down air, it can be costly in terms of water usage. In spite of this, the design of the North Storm NS-30L-AWC Wicking Pad NS-30L-Filter helps to greatly reduce the amount of water used during "wicking" as well as evaporative cooling as a whole, while simultaneously helping to maximize the amount of heat that is exchanged from molecules of air into vaporized water molecules. As water is sprayed over the top area of the wicking pad, the pad itself ensures that the entire surface area of the pad is wetted. Simply put, when using the North Storm NS-30L-AWC Wicking Pad NS-30L-Filter, you're getting more heating and cooling potential without using an excess amount of water and in return, you shall receive a larger portion of clean, cool air.

Natural comfort through design
The wicking pad copies nature in that its corrugated plant-fiber texturing resembles honeycomb. This was a deliberate step by the designers of the wicking pad in an effort to create micro-swirls when air runs through it. These micro-swirls help maximize air flow as the air is pulled in by the fan, and as the air comes into contact with the now fully wetted wicking pad, the water on the pad vaporizes and transfers the heat into the vapor. The result is cool, clean, efficient, and comfortable air. The entire process is not too different than the way that air is cleaned and cooled when it rains.

Special Features Include

  • Honeycomb shape designed to increase air flow
  • Unit is a replacement filter for The North Storm NS-30L-AWC Air Wave Evaporative Cooler
  • Pad is made from 100% Eco-friendly plant based materials
  • Pad will support evaporative heating and cooling
  • Helps alleviate allergies and irritation by eradicating general air pollutants
  • Will last up to one season or roughly 3 months

Personal Benefits
The North Storm NS-30L-AWC Wicking Pad NS-30L-Filter offers many benefits to its users. During the process of transferring heat into water vapor in an effort to cool the air, dust, mold, or allergen molecules attach to the wicking pad and are then removed from the air. The air then exits the cooler having been both cleansed and cooled. This will help anyone with seasonal allergies trying not only to stay cool, but also to clean their air. The wicking pad also helps provide natural humidification around the unit while it is in operation.

  • Model: NS-30L-FILTER
  • UPC: 854271005185
  • Product Type: Wicking pad for NS-30-AWC
  • Product Dimensions: L: 8.00" x W: 1.40" x H: 24.00"
  • Product Weight: 1.00 lbs.
  • Warranty:
  • Product Life: 3 Months
  • Corrugated Honeycomb Shape For Added Efficiency
  • Eco Friendly and made from 100% plant materials
  • Helps deliver a continuous stream of cool air
  • Helps eradicate mold, spores, fungus, and other air pollutants
  • Pairs with The North Storm NS-30L-AWC Air Wave Evaporative Cooler
  • Unit helps support evaporative wicking to clean air

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