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Napoleon NPX060S3A 9500 Series 60,000 BTU 1 Stage Natural Gas Furnace Heater

List Price: $2398.50
Price Break: -$553.50
Our Price: $1845.00
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Efficiently heat your home with the Napoleon NPX060S3A 60,000 BTU natural gas furnace. It reduces electrical consumption by 80% over conventional motors! That's because it only uses 60 to 80 watts compared to conventional blower motors that use 400 watts! That's a big difference that can translate into money savings. Check out all the other great benefits the Napoleon NPX060S3A gas furnace has to offer.

Lower Fuel Bills
Standing at 32 7/8" tall this is one of the shortest high efficiency units on the market with a 95% AFUE. This translates into savings on fuel bills. So you can enjoy more comfort for every dollar that is spent.

Convenient Use
The Napoleon furnace features a convenient self diagnostic Integrated Furnace Control (IFC) that constantly monitors all safety devices. It includes LED service indicator light so service calls are quick and easy. Also, it can accommodate hook-ups for other households comfort products.

No Noise Disturbance
One of the number one complaints about furnaces is the noise. However, this model has been specifically designed to operate quietly with an acoustically insulated blower compartment. It's also durable with a powder coated finish that resists scratches and corrosion.

Several Installation Options
You can install the Napoleon NPX060S3A furnace heater to fit your specific need. Without needing a special installation kit it can be installed for upflow, downflow, horizontal left and horizontal right. Also, zero clearance is required allowing it to be placed out of the way in a closet or alcove.

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