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Coway MHS-E5010X-BL Scratch and Dent Ultrasonic Room Humidifier

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Availability: Discontinued
List Price: $149.99
Price Break: -$45.99
Our Price: $104.00
  • 5 Step Air Filtration
  • Artificial Intelligence Operation
  • Top-Loading Water Tank
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This product is classified as a "Scratch & Dent." Scratch & Dent products are fully functional items that operate the same as a brand new appliance, but have been returned and may have varying degrees of external cosmetic imperfections, ranging from minor to severe. We are unable to provide additional photos or details about the specific damage on the unit and make no guarantee as to the condition of the product you may receive. These products are sold "As Is" but are covered by a 90-day warranty. In addition, our standard return policy also applies.

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Coway MHS-E5010X-BL Scratch and Dent Ultrasonic Room Humidifier
The Coway MHS-E5010X-BL Scratch and Dent Ultrasonic Room Humidifier is a clean, long-lasting, and intelligent room humidifier for individuals looking to boost their general health through the benefits of humidification. The Coway MHS-E5010X-BL Scratch and Dent Ultrasonic Room Humidifier features a top-pouring structure with a 5 step water and air filtration system utilizing ion exchange, antibacterial filters, and iodine. Additionally, this humidifier has 5 different modes of operation, comes with an on-unit water gauge, and can be easily controlled from its built on LCD display. If you are looking for the next-step in smart home humidification, the Coway MHS-E5010X-BL Scratch and Dent Ultrasonic Room Humidifier is for you.

Compositional Features
The Coway MHS-E5010X-BL Scratch and Dent Ultrasonic Room Humidifier has a generous 1.32 gallon capacity that can easily be filled from the top of the unit. This means that you won't have to waste time filling or reinserting a water cartridge to enjoy clean, moist, and pure air. This humidifier also has a 5 step filtering process for any water that it humidifies:

  • Ion exchange resin filtration
  • Iodine filtration
  • Nano-silver filtration
  • Ceramic filtration
  • Antibacterial filtration
All these filtration steps ensure that you and your loved ones can enjoy nothing but clean and filtered air as they breathe their way to robust health.


Valuable Features
The Coway MHS-E5010X-BL Scratch and Dent Ultrasonic Room Humidifier is truly state-of the art in its design. This humidifier comes with 5 different modes of operation:

  • AI mode for automatically checking and adjusting general air humidity through a built-in microchip and humidistat
  • Sleep mode for dimming the on-unit LCD display for zero light emission operation ensuring that you can enjoy a good nights sleep
  • Child care mode for maintaining air humidity for your children between 50-60%
  • Health mode for maintaining proper humidity conditions to prevent colds and promote healthy skin
  • Sterilization mode for keeping the internal water tank's content at a piping hot 167F so bacteria cannot grow
With these 5 different modes of operation, the Coway MHS-E5010X-BL Scratch and Dent Ultrasonic Room Humidifier is sure to offer you everything you would want from a modern air humidifier so you can simply fill the tank, turn on the machine, and just relax and breathe.


Special Features Include:

  • Top-filling, 1.32 gallon tank
  • 5 different modes of operation
  • A 5 step filtration process cleans and purifies water-charged air particles coming from the machine
  • Up to 12 hours of continuous operation
  • Silicon oscillator cap and stainless heater for longer product lifespan
  • Ultrasonic/preheating method of humidification

Practical Versatility
The Coway MHS-E5010X-BL Scratch and Dent Humidifier is a full feature and technologically advanced air humidifier for those looking to enjoy nothing but pure, clean, and moist air without having to worry about setting their humidifier or adjusting its levels. This air humidifier does all the work for you as its built in AI and modes will enable you to enjoy hot and moist air no matter what the circumstances. This system heats its water using ultrasonic/preheating techniques so you'll never even have to worry about waiting for extended periods of time for your humidifier to get to work. If you are looking for a way to enjoy humid air in your environment and want an easy-to-fill and technologically advanced machine that will do all of the work for you, the Coway MHS-E5010X-BL Scratch and Dent Humidifier is truly a wonderful and modern addition that will suit all of your needs.

  • Model: MHS-E5010X-BL
  • Product Type: Ultrasonic Room Humidifier
  • Product Dimensions: L: 7.10" x W: 11.00" x H: 13.70"
  • Product Weight: 8.15 lbs.
  • Product Color: White/Black
  • Application: An artificially intelligent room humidifier with 5 modes of operation for breathing your way to robust health
  • Warranty: 90 Day Limited Warranty
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Watts: 140 watts
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Usage: Multi Room
  • Daily Output: 2.7 gallons/day
  • Coverage Area: 650 square feet
  • Run Time Per Tank: 12 hours
  • Number of Speeds: 5
  • Number of Tanks: 1
  • Tank Size: 1.32 gallons
  • Control Type: Digital
  • Remote Control: No
  • Empty Tank Indicator: Yes
  • Humidistat: Yes
  • Automatic Shut-Off: Yes
  • Tip-Over Switch: No
  • Removable Water Tank: No
  • Filters: Yes
  • Filter Type: Ion Exchange Resin, Ceramic, Nano-silver, Antibacterial
  • Built-In Air Purification System: Yes
  • Air Purification System Type: Ionizer
  • Carrying Handle: No
  • Casters: No
  • Nightlight: Yes
  • Humidification can last for up to 12 hours continuously
  • Humidifier has 5 different modes of operation
  • Product's lifespan is lengthened by a silicon oscillator cap and a stainless heater
  • System cleans water and produces warm and moist air through 5 different filters
  • Unit features an easy -to-fill, top-loading 1.32 gallon capacity water tank
  • Water tank contents are heated through ultrasonic preheating methods
  • What is a Scratch and Dent Appliance at Air & Water? :

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I have Coway MHS-E5010X-BL for 3 years, I find out the water drop from water tank very slow, should I change the filter? where I can find it.
- Michael A. on 12-02-2015

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