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Napoleon M605RSBIPSS-1 845 sq. in. Gas Grill and Cabinet with i-GLOW Backlit Control Knobs

List Price: $1948.70
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Our Price: $1499.00
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The Napoleon M605RSBIPSS-1 propane gas grill is ready for even the most serious of grilling! Large 845 square inch grilling area and 90,500 BTUs means you never have to ask yourself if you'll be able to grill for that many people; invite the whole neighborhood! And great features like Napoleon's signature WAVE rod cooking grids and ACCU-TEMP temperature gauge means your grilling will be the envy of the neighborhood too!

WRAP AROUND Condiment Tray
Convenient and effective, the WARP AROUND condiment tray keeps your grilling seasonings and condiments close at hand whenever you grill!

Ice Bucket and Cutting Board
The Napoleon M605RSBIPSS-1 features a built-in ice bucket and condiment tray in the left side shelf that lets you prepare the whole meal at the grill and keep yourself and your guests refreshed while you grill!

Side Burner
The M605RSBIPSS-1 features a right side shelf that includes an integrated standard range side burner that lets you cook exciting side dishes while you grill.

Infrared Grilling
Bottom infrared burner lets you cook meats at up to 1800° F for searing perfection or cook on the rear infrared rotisserie burner for restaurant quality results!

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