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Napoleon M485RSIBNSS-1 Mirage Cart Gas Grill with 675 sq. in. Cooking Area

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The Napoleon M485RSIBNSS-1 Mirage natural gas grill and cart feature a host of exciting and useful features that will take your grilling to the next level. The ample 675 square inches of cooking area and 74,000 BTU's of cooking power let you take your meals into your own hands. Impress your guests at your next backyard BBQ with the Napoleon M485RSINSS-1!

Infrared Cooking
The dual infrared burners let you cook the way you want. Sear in juices with the infrared bottom burner or use the infrared rotisserie burner to open up a new world of cooking possibilities.

JET-FIRE Ignition
JET-FIRE ignition means that you'll no longer have to bother with trying to light the grill, simple to use and effective, JET-FIRE ignition is sure to make your grilling that much easier.

Condiment Tray
Napoleon exclusive WRAP AROUND condiment keeps seasonings and grilling cools close at hand while you grill so you never have to run inside and risk ruining your meal.

Stainless Steel Throughout
From the double lined LIFT EASE roll top lid to the commercial grade burners and sear plates, the M485RSINSS-1 is loaded with quality 304 stainless steel that will last a lifetime!

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