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Dash LP001WHT-BL Scratch & Dent The Laundry POD

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  • Easy to use, clean and store
  • Scratch & Dent The Laundry POD
  • Uses ZERO electricity
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This product is classified as a "Scratch & Dent". Scratch & Dent products are fully functional items that operate the same as a brand new appliance, but have been returned and may have varying degrees of external cosmetic imperfections, ranging from minor to severe. We are unable to provide additional photos or details about the specific damage on the unit and make no guarantee as to the condition of the product you may receive. These products are sold "As Is" but are covered by a 90-day warranty. In addition, our standard return policy also applies. Find our more about our Scratch & Dent appliances here.

Dash LP001WHT-BL Scratch & Dent The Laundry POD
If you're feeling confined by trips to the laundromat or by expensive laundry services, The Dash LP001WHT-BL Scratch & Dent The Laundry POD is here to liberate your laundry! This washer's simplicity, cost effectiveness, and compact size make it perfect for anyone ranging from single people living in apartments with limited space to people traveling in RVs or going camping. The Laundry POD only requires water and detergent, and the lack of electric or mechanical components make it durable and long lasting. It's a great way to go green while saving money and time!

Long product life
Thanks to the lack of machinery and electrical components, this washer is built to last much longer than other washing machines. While other compact washing machines and even larger ones begin to have issues within a short period of time, the Laundry POD will still be as effective and useful as it was on day one.

Special Features Include

  • Long product life
  • Saves money on laundromats or laundry services
  • Fully portable, requires no hookups
  • Gentle on your clothes
  • More gentle on the hands than hand washing
  • No motor or electric components
  • Spin cycle removes 90% of water
  • Washes up to 10 articles of clothing at a time

Gentle on your clothes
Compared to other washers, in particular electric mini washers, the Laundry POD is excellent for delicates and is very gentle on your clothes. It doesn't use an agitator on which your clothes can snag and be damaged nor will your clothes get tangled on a harsh impeller. Feel confident knowing that your delicates will get the gentle attention they need.

Cheap way to go green
While often it costs more to go green and you find yourself feeling punished, the Laundry POD is significantly cheaper than most other washing solutions. The Laundry POD rewards you for making a choice that makes you happy! Minimize your environmental impact and wash up to 10 articles of clothing in less than ten minutes. Now, that's a deal that can;t be beat!

More gentle on the hands than hand washing
This is a must-have item! Super easy to use and amazingly convenient, this Laundry POD takes the hard work out of laundrering. Hand washing is sonething we all resort to when we need something fast but don't have time to get to  the laundry mat. It can be a good option for getting clean clothes, but it can also be rough on the hands, especially when you have large loads of laundry. The Laundry POD gives your hands a break - all you have to do is rotate it with the convenient handle. It cleans up to 10 articles in about 10 minutes!

Fully portable, requires no hookups
The Laundry POD is perfect for people living in apartments who have small laundry loads and limited space. It's also great for boats, camping trips, RVs, and other applications that require portability and compact size. Now you can have clean clothes no matter where you go - all you need is water and detergent! The balanced base with wide loading area  can be used on any sink countertop.

Drain hose lets you drain water easily
A fully soaked laundry load can still weigh a lot, even in a small washer like this. Luckily, the included drain hose makes it easy to drain the Laundry POD without having to carry it around. Save yourself the backache with this convenient feature. Even more, there's a spin cycle that removes 90% of the water from washing , leaving clothes damp dry and easy to handle.

Saves money on laundromats or laundry services
The Laundry POD will quickly pay for itself as it saves you lots of money and time dealing with inconvenient laundromats or expensive laundry services. Save yourself both money and time with this great little washer. It's perfect for those im-betweeen washes, too, when you need some extra clean clothes but are short what you need for a fulll load.

No motor or electric components
Simplicity and effectiveness blended into one great portable washer! Without motors and electric components, the Laundry POD becomes easy to use, cheap, safe, and very long lasting. Plus, it uses 90% less water than a traditonal washing machine, so you can conserve and keep water expenses down, too.

  • Model: LP001WHT-BL
  • Product Type: Scratch & Dent The Laundry POD
  • Product Dimensions: L: 14.50" x W: 14.00" x H: 14.10"
  • Product Weight: 7.90 lbs.
  • Product Color: White
  • Application: Washes laundry without the need for any electricity
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Loading Style: Top Loading
  • Portable: Yes
  • Additional Information: Compact, portable, countertop design includes a spin cycle, easy draining, and on-the-go convenience. Perfect for apartment living, dorms, RVs, boats, and camping
  • Tub Construction: Plastic
  • Pre-Programmed Wash Cycles: No
  • Number of Wash Cycles: 1
  • Wash Cycle Type: Impeller , Spin Cycle
  • Water Temperature Selector: No
  • Number of Water Temperatures: 1
  • Control Type: Manual
  • Installation Type: None
  • Drain Hose: Yes
  • Balanced base with wide loading area and can be used on sink countertop
  • Easy to use, clean and store
  • Ideal for dorms, RV's, boating and camping
  • Lock-in soft-grip handles for easy carrying and no leaking
  • Perfect for hand washables and small, in-between emergency loads saving time, energy and money
  • Spin cycle offers less drying time for hang dry only items
  • Uses less than 10% of water that conventional washers consume
  • Uses ZERO electricity
  • Wash up to 10 articles of clothing in less than 10 minutes
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can i wash blue jeans?
- Anonymous on 03-19-2015
You definitely can do jeans and one pair makes a pretty full load.
- Christine M. on 04-02-2015