Port-A-Cool LOUVER-KIT-48 48" Adjustable Louvers with 7 Adjustable Zones

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Port-A-Cool LOUVER-KIT-48 Louvers fro 48" Units
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The Port-A-Cool LOUVER-KIT-48 is made for 48" Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers like the PAC2K482S. It features 7 large adjustable louver sections that allow you to move air anywhere you need it throughout the room. 48 individually adjustable louvers let you control airflow like never before. If you want to take your 48" evaporative cooler's cooling to the next level than the LOUVER-KIT-48 is a sure bet!

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  • Model: LOUVER-KIT-48
  • UPC: 614288991723
  • Product Type: Louvers fro 48" Units
  • Application: Louver kit for Port-A-Cool coolers
  • Product Type: Adjustable louver kit for 48" Port-A-Cool coolers
  • Compatible Models: PAC2K482S


  • 48 individually adjustable louvers
  • Compatable with 48" Port-A-Cool coolers
  • Direct airflow in any direction you need
  • Durable Port-A-Cool construction

Port-A-Cool LOUVER-KIT-48 Louvers fro 48" Units

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