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Outdoor GreatRoom LG24C Legacy 24-Inch Gas Grill Head and Cabinet

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The Outdoor GreatRoom LG24C Legacy 24-inch gas grill and cabinet has it all - power, efficiency, simplicity, and precision - and is the only grill that makes you a better cook! Cook Number Grills are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and will last for years of durable service. One dial does it all for you - burner, igniter, and valve - it's just that simple!

Double-Walled Hood
Built with an exclusive Air Rotoisserie System, the unit has a double-walled lid so that convection currents superheat the interior air. This cooks food faster and evenly!

Quality and Style
The Outdoor GreatRoom LG24C Legacy 24-inch gas grill head and cabinet boasts a quality 18-gauge, 304 stainless steel exterior.

Cook Number System
Lets you choose the appropriate cook level from 10 exact settings and tells you when food is perfectly done! All you have to do is set and press for perfect results every time.

Green Grilling
Designed to deliver full grilling power with only half the gas of other units, the Outdoor GreatRoom LG24C Legacy 24-inch gas grill and cabinet is a leader in green grilling. It makes 30,000 BTU's cook like 60,000!

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