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Nostalgia Electrics KRS-2150 Stainless Kegerator & Beer Dispenser

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Let the good times flow with the Nostalgia Electrics KRS-2150 stainless Kegerator & beer dispenser! Built to last, the unit boasts a tough stainless steel exterior that won't rust and never looses its shine. A semi-gloss, sleek and durable black countertop lets you prepare glasses and pour with ease! A chrome guardrail adds style and functionality, helping prevent accidental elbow bumps and spills.

Generous Accommodations
The Nostalgia Electrics KRS-2150 stainless Kegerator & beer dispenser offers generous space to fit two 5 gallon kegs or a single pony- or full-sized keg ideal for sharing with trusted friends.

Fully Portable
Take the Kegerator beer refrigerator and tap with you anywhere you go - to the pool house, friend's place, or place it in the man cave - thanks to its four sturdy swivel caster wheels!

Get Started Now
First time with the Kegerator? Don't be intimidated since the unit comes complete with a complimentary empty CO2 canister, maintenance kit, and cleaning kit to get you started in the right direction.

Long Lasting
You won't waste a single drop of that precious liquid gold since the Nostalgia Electrics KRS-2150 stainless Kegerator & beer dispenser keeps beer fresh, frosty, and carbonated for weeks to come!

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