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Ebac K100P 97 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier

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The Ebac K100P 97 pint commercial dehumidifier is especially designed to eliminate high humidity problems in harsh environments. It works great in warehouses, storages rooms, electrical and communications switching stations, locker rooms, basements, pumping stations, offshore oil rigs and active and laid-up marine vessels. The K100P commercial dehumidifier suits a variety of applications because it can be easily moved from site to site or can be permanently mounted and ducted.

Rugged Construction
The Ebac K100P 97 pint commercial dehumidifier features a rugged epoxy-coated, steel chassis for durability.

Vibration and Mobility Protection
The K100P commercial dehumidifier includes a "floating" compressor that provides vibration and mobility protection.

Adjustable Humidistat
This dehumidifier makes it easy to control the level of dryness desired with an adjustable humidistat.

"Reverse Cycle" Defrosting System
This dehumidifier comes complete with a unique "reverse cycle" defrosting system that allows effective operation in low ambient temperatures.

Standard Power Requirements
The K100P features standard 110V power requirements that enable operation in any location.

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