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Lava Heat Italia iFan-16 16" Oscillating Table Fan & Heater with Bladeless Design

List Price: $258.70
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Our Price: $199.00
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Need an appliance that can safely heat, cool & ionize the air in your small to large space? Then the Lava Heat Italia iFan-16 is perfect for your household! It can do it all in one small design that doesn't have any fast moving fan blades. Check out all the other great features the Lava Heat Italia table fan has to offer!

Safe & Easy to Use
The Lava Heat Italia bladeless fan is unlike other models in that it doesn't have any fast moving blades, which can be very dangerous. This fan however, is safe to use around children and pets and it is also very easy to wipe clean.

Personalized Cooling & Heating
You can enjoy air flow that is set to your exact preference. Tilt and height adjustment features allow you to point the air in any direction. You'll also be able to set the fan to 5 different speeds and there are 2 different heat modes.

Convenient Features
With the iFan-16 fan & heater you can conveniently monitor the room's temperature with the easy-to-read LED display. It also comes with a handy remote control so you can easily adjust the settings.

Great for Any Space
The Lava Heat Italia iFan-16 features a 16" oblong design that can cool and heat small to large sized rooms. It also offers 90-degrees of oscillation so air can be evenly distributed throughout your space.

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