PrimeGlo HS-SS 42,000 BTU Outdoor Patio Heater

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PrimeGlo HS-SS Commercial Patio Heater
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The PrimeGlo HS-SS commercial style outdoor patio heater features 42,000 BTUs of heating power. It keeps your patio area comfortable all year round.

Safety Feature
The PrimeGlo HS-SS patio heater includes an anti-tilt switch for your safety.

Easy Mobility
For easy mobility the HS-SS patio heater has hidden wheels underneath the base of the unit.

Large Heat Range
This patio heater features a 20 foot approximate heating range diameter.

Durable Construction
The outdoor patio heater is made of 304 stainless steel.


  • Model: HS-SS
  • UPC: 872313021658
  • Product Type: Commercial Patio Heater
  • Product Dimensions: L: 23.00" x W: 34.00" x H: 91.00"
  • Product Weight: 62.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Silver
  • Application: Outdoor patio is ideal for commercial use featuring a heating range up to 20 feet
  • Type: Patio Heater
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • Coverage Area: 20 square feet
  • Style: Free-standing
  • Construction: Stainless steel
  • Heating Capacity: 42000 BTUs
  • Wheeled Base: Yes
  • Suitable for Commercial Use: Yes
  • Safety Features: Automatic shut-off tilt valve


  • Features a 20 foot approximate heating range diameter
  • For easy mobility there are hidden wheels included underneath the base
  • For efficient operation, a regulator is included
  • For your safety, an anti tilt switch is provided
  • This patio heater burns for 11 hours at 40,000 BTUs
  • The burner is rated at up to 42,000 BTUs of heating power

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PrimeGlo HS-SS Commercial Patio Heater

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