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Holly & Martin 37-000-023-6-01 Cain Electric FireplaceHolly & Martin 37-000-023-6-01 Cain Electric Fireplace

List Price: $883.99
Price Break: -$204.00
Our Price: $679.99
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  • Hand carved accents further improves its luxurious facade
  • Independent from heat, fully adjustable flame and ember brightness.
  • No installation required. Easy to assemble.


Holly & Martin 37-000-023-6-01 Cain Electric Fireplace an elegant and efficient way to produce supplemental heat for your home.

Stark and Apparent Elegance
Golden, hand carved accents pepper the handsome black face of this elegant fireplace. Beautiful flames that create the illusion of a roaring fire reside in the centrally located fireplace.

No Installation Required
Easy to assemble means that you do not have to call in a contractor or electrician and plan around a messy and expensive home remodel. Requiring no ventilation you are free to locate this unit anywhere its ample 6' long cord will reach.

Energy Efficient Heating
Using as much energy as a small home appliance, this unit dedicates almost all of the electricity consumed to the production of heat making it tremendously efficient.

Clean and Eco Friendly
Like all electric fireplaces, this unit consumes no fuel to produce heat, just clean electricity. Because no fuels are burned, ash, soot or smoke generated by wood or coal don't fill your home. No mess for you or Mother Earth.

Assembly required.

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