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HOB-CM High-Output Sprite Filter in Chrome

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5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
Great Product
I would highly recommend this product to anyone that has heavy water deposits in their water table. I live in NYC which has harsh water, so taking showers without the filter was horrible. Since I have installed the filter, I noticed total difference from water smell to feel instantly, much softer and more enjoyable. A must have
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
Excellent water filter for Shower
I live in Florida on the beach where they heavily chlorinate the water especially in the summer. My skin and hair were not good. Hair was dried out and skin very itchy. I noticed a difference the first time I used it. Yes I really did. The water had a different feel to it. Good purchase, easy to install. You don't need a plumber. First time we installed it , it leaked so we took it off and apart and put a little vaseline in the joint where the gasket was and then it was fine. Don't be afraid to purchase.
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
This shower filter does an awesome job. It was surprisingly heavier than I thought it would be. This is not to do solely to the metal casing, but the filter inside also has a lot of mass. I guessing this translates into a better filtering process. The resulting water has no smell of chlorine anymore and feel better on my skin and hair. It shocking better. I would highly recommend.
3.0 Star Rating: Average
I purchased an HOB-CM shower filter after friends had used this product and liked it. We have a lot of iron in the water and other minerals. I can not say anything about what it does that helps me. The showers seem the same, I don't know what it does for the shower walls but I hope it is truly stopping the iron from coming out. I would have liked a paper on what this filter does so I would have more understanding and know what to look for.
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
I wish I'd bought this YEARS ago!! After reading out how our body's largest organ is our skin, and how we absorb any chemicals that come into contact with our skin -- including chlorine -- I searched for a good shower filter. Ordered one with a long cup-type part that held the filter, and a hand-held shower. Was supposed to be white, but was grayish, almost light tan. Was way too bulky anyway, I didn't like the style at all. I was so excited when I received this one! I use a hand-held shower, and it worked beautiful with this one!! I like my hand-held even better, now that I have this filter, as now the head reaches my little dog better, when I'm shampooing her! I will NEVER be without this product again!!!!
4.0 Star Rating: Good
Birmingham water is high in chlorine and lime. Though it's drinkable, it racked havoc on my shower. I can say yes, the chlorine is removed...but I was hoping it would help remove the lime also. I'm still plagued with white coated shower walls and door. I'm pleased to say this product does work to remove the chlorine.
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
Our plumber was very reluctant to install the filter. All his prior experiences with this type of filter were failures, as the water flow was severely restricted. He was so excited with the results of this filter, and the looks of it, that he has taken all the info and will be recommending it to all his customers!
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
Purchased it to reduce chlorine in house hold water. Five star performance. High quality, excellent chrome finish on brass body of filter case. Filter was very well put together. Have been recommending to everyone including my siblings for use to reduce the effects of aging and dry skin problems.
4.0 Star Rating: Good
We chose this shower head water filter because it was an affordable way to filter at least one part of our house as we cannot afford a whole house system at this time. The product was exactly as described on your website. The filter feels very sturdy, is compact, and is very easy to attach to the shower head. In terms of operation, it is an awesome product. The water felt softer immediately upon turning it on. My skin is noticeably softer and my hair no longer feels like a Brillo pad. I can hardly believe the difference. I would definitely recommend this product, especially to anyone having a problem with high iron content in their water supply.
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The High-Output Filter HOB-CM by Sprite Industries delivers the strong, high-output stream of water that your current filter is most likely lacking.


This filter uses the HOC cartridge, which will not need to be replaced for an entire year!

The cartridge is also reversible, so periodically you can reverse the filter to ensure maximum use and water purification.

With your choice of chrome or brass, the HOB-CM is made to match any bathroom decor and actually improve the overall look of your shower with its polished look.

Order your own HOB-CM Sprite shower filter today and purify your shower!

Guaranteed Satisfaction.

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  2. Money back guaranteed
  3. Free return shipping
  4. No restocking fees

  • Model: HOB-CM
  • Product Type: Shower Filter
  • Product Dimensions: L: 8.00" x W: 4.00" x H: 6.00"
  • Product Weight: 2.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Chrome
  • Application: Removes chemicals from your shower water, ideal for color-treated hair
  • Warranty: 1 year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Construction: Metal ,
  • Contaminates Removed/Reduced: Chlorine , Iron Oxide , Hydrogen Sulfide , Sediment , Heavy Metals ,
  • Disposable: No
  • Filter Media Type: Chlorgon , KDF-55 (Copper-Zinc) ,
  • Filter Life: 1 year
  • Replacement Cartridge Type: HOC refill
  • Includes Extension Arm: No
  • Massage Option: No
  • Because It Is Only The Filter, You Can Keep Your Old Showerhead And Still Receive The Benefits Of Cleaner, Pure Water
  • Chlorine And Other Impurities Will Be Eliminated From Your Shower Water, Improving Your Hair, Skin, And Nails
  • Polished Brass or Chrome Will Improve Your Bathroom Decor!
  • The High-Output Has A Guaranteed Longer Life Than The Average Shower Filter With Ultra-High Strength Housing
  • You Will Not Be Breathing In Harmful Chlorine Vapors While You Are In The Shower

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