Napoleon HMF150 Hybrid150 Series Wood Furnace with Optional Oil/Electrical Components

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Napoleon HMF150 HMF150 Series Wood Furnace
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Napoleon HMFK-ADDON HMF150 Series Relay to Inter-Connect Existing Furnance ($59.00)
Napoleon HMFK-GT HMF150 Series Transition Box ($249.00)
Napoleon HMFK-BMP50 HMF150 Series Blower Box Cabinet ($499.00)
Napoleon HMFK-CMBCH-1 HMF150 Series Stainless Steel Oil Combustion Chamber & Heat Exchanger Module ($1271.00)
Napoleon HMFK-OFRF40 HMF150 Series Oil Burner Module- Riello with Mounting Collar & Protective Cover ($1199.00)
Napoleon HMFK-OFBNX HMF150 Series Oil burner module - Beckett ($1099.00)
Napoleon HMFK-WMO HMF150 Series Blocked Flue Safety Switch ($89.00)
Napoleon HMFK-EF20 HMF150 Series 20kw Electric Furnace Module ($1099.00)


Heat indoor areas quickly and easily with the Napoleon HMF150 Hybrid150 series wood furnace. It's an efficient and effective way to get warm.

Large Coverage Area
The Napoleon HMF150 Hybrid150 series wood furnace offers enough heating to successfully warm up to 2,000 sq. ft. This furnace is highly effective and will keep you warm and cozy on a chilly day.

Insulated Interior
This Napoleon Hybrid150 series wood furnace features a heavy duty cabinet that's lined with high density fibre insulation. This insulation dampens sound generation for quiet operation.

Large Capacity
The furnace firebox is 3.4 cu. ft. in size making it possible to burn a 24" log. For this reason, the Napoleon HMF150 Hybrid150 series wood furnace has the ability to keep indoor spaces sufficiently warm.

High Efficiency Rating
The Napoleon HMF150 Hybrid150 series wood furnace is EPA certified to the latest emissions standards and offers and efficiency rating of 88.6%. This hybrid series is one of the cleanest solid fuel burning systems on the market.


  • Model: HMF150
  • Product Type: Wood Furnace
  • Application: Used to heat indoor areas
  • Type: Furnace Heater , Variable Speed Furnace
  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Coverage Area: 2000 square feet
  • Efficiency (AFUE): 88.6 %
  • Output: 70000 BTU/HR
  • Blower Size: 4 speeds
  • Maximum Air Flow: 1200 CFM
  • Additional Information: Optional 20kW electrical and oil furnace module


  • Advanced combustion system achieves a secondary burn cycle
  • Can go extended periods unused, making it perfect option for vacation homes
  • Clean burn without a catalytic combustor
  • Efficiency rating of 88.6 %
  • Optional fuel uses include oil and electric
  • Wood burning furnace uses gravity flow for emergency heating

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Napoleon HMF150 Wood Furnace

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