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Napoleon HMF100 Hybrid100 Series Wood Furnace with Large Coverage Area

List Price: $4158.70
Price Break: -$959.70
Our Price: $3199.00
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Keep indoor areas warm with the Napoleon HMF100 Hybrid100 series wood furnace. Providing ample heat and air distribution, this unit is a great option.

Certified for Efficiency
The Napoleon HMF100 Hybrid100 series wood furnace is certified to EPA standards at 3.6g/hr. This wood burning furnace is efficient and eco-friendly.

Convertible Design
Featuring a convertible design this Napoleon Hybrid100 series wood furnace allows for wood burning use or has the option to convert to electric. Use this furnace any way you want to.

4 Speeds
Offering 4 speeds settings this Hybrid100 series wood furnace is designed to warm the room as little or as much as you need to. It's designed for personalized heating.

Sufficient Heat Output
This Napoleon HMF100 Hybrid100 series wood furnace offers an average BTU output of 40,000 for optimal heating. This unit has the power to create a warm and cozy environment.

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