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Grindmaster GNB-20H Grind'n Brew 2.2 Liter Airpot Coffee Maker with 74 Oz. Brew Capacity

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Enjoy perfectly brewed coffee with the Grindmaster GNB-20H Grind'n Brew dual bean airpot grinderbrewer.  It features a compact, space-saving design and combines a brewer and grinder into one appliance.  This design saves you time and space with its efficient layout.  This is the perfect coffee maker for any retail or commercial location!

Handy Features
The Grindmaster Grind'n Brew comes with a lot of convenient features.  You can choose half or full batches, which allows you to easily prepare the exact amount of coffee you wish to make.  The brewer also features a Low Temp/No Brew option that allows the water to heat the perfect temperature before it begins the brewing cycle.

Inventory Control
The Grindmaster GNB-20H comes with a bean counter.  This feature records the volume of beans used from the hoppers and allows you to better control your inventory.

Efficient Design
The Grindmaster Grind'n Brew coffee maker encourages efficiency with its compact design.  You can choose the grind only, brew only, or grind'n brew settings which allow you to use perform two different tasks with one appliance.

The Grindmaster GNB-20H Grind'n Brew coffee maker comes with large, clear hoppers.  These hoppers are the perfect display for your fresh coffee beans.

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