Medelco GF214 One All #4 Permanent Cone Coffee Filter

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Medelco GF214 One All #4 Permanent Cone Coffee Filter
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Perfect for use with most standard #4 cone coffee makers, the Medelco GF214 permanent filter features durable, long-lasting construction for years of worry-free coffee-making. This One All #4 permanent cone coffee filter helps you save time and money by eliminating the cost of constantly replacing paper filters!

Stainless Steel Mesh
The Medelco GF214 #4 cone filter features high quality surgical-grade stainless steel mesh construction that won't wear and tear for years of long-lasting use.

Easy to Clean
You don't have to worry about washing the GF214 by hand - this permanent coffee filter is dishwasher safe!

This filter is an economical and eco-friendly alternative to using paper filters because it doesn't come with additional costs that add up over the years.

Fits Most Coffee Makers
The Medelco One All GF214 #4 permanent cone coffee filter is designed to fit most coffee makers that use standard #4 cone filters!

Guaranteed Satisfaction.

  1. 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  2. Up to 30 days to return your purchase
  3. Money back guaranteed
  4. Free return shipping
  5. No restocking fees


  • Model: GF214
  • UPC: 039206211040
  • Product Type: One All #4 Permanent Cone Coffee Filter
  • Product Dimensions: L: 4.60" x W: 4.75" x H: 3.80"
  • Product Weight: 1.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Black/Brown
  • Application: For use in 4 cup coffee basket filters
  • Warranty: 5 year manufacturer's warranty , 5 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Type: Gold Tone
  • Permanent: Yes
  • Size: 4 Cup


  • Conveniently fits most coffee makers that use #4 cone filters
  • Functions as an economical alternative to paper filters
  • Lasts longer than most standard cone filters with durable, high quality materials
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel construction
  • Unit is dishwasher safe and easily washable

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Medelco GF214 One All #4 Permanent Cone Coffee Filter

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