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Dimplex GDDS25G-1307WN Hadley Media Console & Fireplace with Two Glass Ember Beds

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  • Beautiful walnut finish is complementary to decor
  • Optional heating allows for year-round use
  • Superior craftsmanship for years of reliable enjoyment


Add the Dimplex GDDS25G-1307WN Hadley media console & fireplace with two glass ember beds to your home decor and enjoy media storage and warmth!

Holds Media Components
There's lots of shelving and convenient cord management, making it easy to store all your media components. This Dimplex GDDS25G-1307WN Hadley media console & fireplace is ideal for any family room or living area.

With the remote control you never have to leave the comfort of your chair. Operate this Dimplex media console & fireplace from anywhere in the room. Enjoy the patented flame effect and glass ember bed, together these features create ambiance.

On/Off Heating
With optional heating you can enjoy the flame effect any time of the year. This Dimplex media console & fireplace not only holds all your media components but it allows you to take pleasure in the fireplace experience as desired.

Complementary Design
This unit is functional and handsomely designed to complement decor. Featuring glass ember bedding, an elegant finish and a graphite frame for the fireboxes, this Dimplex GDDS25G-1307WN Hadley media console & fireplace is flattering.

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