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Indus Tool FWB-BL Scratch & Dent Super Footwarmer Heated Rubber Mat With Waterproof Top

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This product is classified as a "Scratch & Dent" product. Scratch & Dent products are fully functional items that operate the same as a brand new appliance, but have been returned and will have varying degrees of external cosmetic damage, ranging from minor to severe. We are unable to provide additional photos or details about the specific damage on the unit and make no warranty or guarantee as to the condition of the product you may receive. These products are sold "As Is", but are covered by a 90-day warranty.

The Indus Tool FWB-BL Super Footwarmer heated rubber mat eliminates distractions on the job that stem from frosty toes. If offers toasty warm relief from the curse of cold feet!

Extra Large Size
Indus Tool FWB-BL Super Footwarmer heated rubber mat measures 16 x 36 inches and is one fourth of an inch thick to give you the most heat possible.

Uses Less Energy Than a Light Bulb
This foot-warmer uses a 10th of the energy of a space heater and warms without the use of fans or blowers. The pad warms up to 120 degrees F on only 1.2 amps.

Overheat Protection
For your safety, a switch that prevents overheating is integrated into the unit. The heavy rubber, which is fully sealed and waterproof, is never too hot to the touch.

Safe for Kids and Pets
With a low surface temperature and no carbon monoxide risk, the Indus Tool FWB-BL Super Footwarmer heated rubber mat is safe in any home with kids and pets

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