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Guardian FSEK Food Storage Survival Kit

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  • Fits in a backpack so it all doesn't have to travel in your stomach
  • Light and communications for when you need to signal for more sustenance
  • Shelter and warmth to conserve precious calories while you wait for more


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Guardian FSEK Food Storage Survival Kit will keep you alive by providing delicious and nutritious fare that is easy to make and eat.

When Hunger Won't Do
Are you surviving a disaster and feeling a mite peckish? Crack into your Guardian Food Storage Kit so that you can sit back and relax while waiting for help to arrive.

Delicious Whenever
A 5-year shelf-life means that these meals will be just as delicious and flavorful when they were packaged. Shelf stable, you won't need to refrigerate anything to ensure that it hasn't gone off.

Hunker Down
This kit includes all the tools you need to successfully open, prepare and devour its contents. You don't have to be a 5-star chef to make something tasty when you use the included portable cooking stove and fuel tablets, a Chow Kit comprised of steel fork, knife and spoon and 2 infectious waste bags for when you're done!

Dinner for Two
Did you find that special someone after the Great Calamity? Don't want them to starve? This kit has enough rations for two people to survive up to a week with yummy meals such as creamy chicken pasty, southwest bean and rice, cheesy lasagna and stroganoff.

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