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Stonegate FP10-15-09 Electric Fireplace with Complementary Design

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The Stonegate FP10-15-09 electric fireplace heater includes a flame intensity control so you can adjust the strength of the realistic flame effect. It combines a 3-D effect and a log flame motion effect to provide a gas fireplace ambiance without the mess. The FP10-15-09 electric fireplace features an on/off switch for the heat and flame effect that allows the heat to be activated without the flame effect and vice versa.

Dual Output Settings
The Stonegate FP10-15-09 electric fireplace heater comes with dual settings for 750W or 1500W output.

Adjustable Thermostat
The FP10-15-09 electric fireplace includes an adjustable thermostat that provides the ability to customize the heat output to maximize comfort.

CSA Approved
This electric fireplace heater is CSA approved for your safety.

Attractive Design
The FP10-15-09 complements the decor in your home with its attractive design and rich maple hue.

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from Plantsville, CT
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5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
I am a widow so I had to put this together all by myself. I had trouble with the shelves as they are not marked as to which shelf goes where. I didn't realize it until the very end when I tried to anchor the mantle. As for the product itself, I highly recomend it. All the holes lined up perfectly each and every time. This is perfect for my small living room. I am VERY pleased with it.!!!!!!!!!