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Riverstone Industries??FP-37-SD-O Electric Fireplace

List Price: $724.48
Price Break: -$167.19
Our Price: $557.29
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Enjoy the relaxing glow of embers and dramatic light of flickering flames with the Riverstone Industries  FP-37-SD-O electric fireplace!

Patented Fire Box
The Riverstone Industries  FP-37-SD-O electric fireplace has a patented log flame motion effect and flickering flames thanks to a high-intensity electric fireplace insert.

Adjustable Thermostat
Use an integrated adjustable thermostat for settings and forgetting temperature at a customized comfort level. Warmth is automatically regulated for user-friendly convenience.

Overheat Protection
Safety is key to operating heaters, which is why the FP-37-SD-O electric fireplace is CSA certified safe and includes a thermal overload protector.

Natural Golden Oak
The Riverstone Industries  FP-37-SD-O electric fireplace has a natural Golden Oak finish to brighten any room and provide a warm companion to the fireside hearth.

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