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Southern Enterprises FE9305 Antebellum Media Electric Fireplace

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A majestic two-tone black finish drapes over the contemporary wood design while a luxury walnut top highlights your media center for enhanced appeal of any room. The classic, yet modern styling of the Southern Enterprises FE9305 Antebellum media electric fireplace makes this piece ideal for any room in any home!

The Southern Enterprises FE9305 Antebellum media electric fireplace has automatic temperature control thanks to an integrated adjustable thermostat for added convenience to you.

Dual Cabinets
Each side cabinet contains a door for privacy, preventing the messy look of many entertainment units, and an adjustable shelf for customization so that you can easily store all your movies, music, and books safely!

Flickering Flames
Enjoy the comfort and cozy atmosphere of a traditional fireplace, but without the mess of ash, soot, and smoke - making the Southern Enterprises FE9305 Antebellum media electric fireplace a functional choice.

Family Friendly
The Southern Enterprises FE9305 electric fireplace is a great choice for families with small children or pets since the flame-free design, heat-resistant glass, and imbedded thermal overload protection provide exceptional safety!

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