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Royal Teak Collection Compass Side Chair COMSC

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Availability: Discontinued
Our Price: $294.00
  • Can Be Used In Home Or Commercially
  • Hardened Wood Composition Provides Extra Durability
  • Made From 100% Aged Teak Wood
CA residents: WARNING. See Proposition 65 notice
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The Royal Teak Collection Compass Side Chair COMSC
The Royal Teak Collection Compass Side Chair COMSC is a practical and stylish chair, constructed from Grade A 100% aged Teak wood. Every inch of Teak wood used to create this chair was procured from large, government regulated timber plantations based in South Asia and Indonesia. The Teak wood that was specifically chosen for the Royal Teak Collection Compass Side Chair COMSC is aged at least 45 years. As a result of this long period of aging, the Teak wood of this chair contains within it a high concentration of teak wood oil. In addition, the Teak wood used to build this chair is a very dense hardwood. Because of the inherent composition of all the materials used to create the Royal Teak Collection Compass Side Chair COMSC, and the material's high quality features, this chair will be able to take care of its own appearance which means that you will no longer have to spend time or money polishing, cleaning, or refinishing this chair once it graces your furniture collection. This is possible because of Teak wood's naturally grown oils. These oils will protect your chair from outdoor danger while simultaneously providing a spectacularly enduring, natural glow year round. The Royal Teak Collection Compass Side Chair COMSC is a very graceful, comfortable, and heavyweight chair, that will provide you with years of practical use and reliability.

Rugged elegance
The Royal Teak Collection Compass Side Chair COMSC was constructed to withstand years of repeated use with minimal owner upkeep. The Royal Teak Collection Compass Side Chair COMSC's parts are fashioned with mechanized procedural assembly techniques, and then kiln-dried, which results in beautifully strong and rugged chair parts that all bind firmly when in place. To increase strength and durability of this chair, the Royal Teak Collection Compass Side Chair COMSC comes bonded with extra tough mortise and tenon joints only adding to its overall capabilities and strengths. All of the hinge points on this chair are joined with stainless steel or brass, which means that your chair will always be strong, and never cripple under weight or pressure.

45 year old Teak wood provides a barrier of defense against natural elements
The Royal Teak Collection Compass Side Chair COMSC and its parts come constructed from wood harvested from a sustainably grown Teak tree aged for at least 45 years in Indonesia and South Eastern Asia. You can rest assured that because of the advanced age of lumber utilized in this chair your unit will be comprised of a very dense hardwood as well as a Teak wood that has a high concentration of internal oils. This is important to note because aged and older Teak woods, along with their natural oil, are often sought after because they offer a consistently superior condition for their entire lifespan, always present an opulent look and feel, while simultaneously having the ability to defend themselves against turbulent weather. Accordingly, when you take into account the high density of aged Teak wood with and its highly protective internal oil that comprises the makeup of this chair, it should become easier to see that this piece of furniture is well-constructed from premium materials, and these materials can in turn protect the chair against water damage, rot from fungus, or just a lot of use. Teak tree oil also provides a barrier of defense for this chair against common outdoor or indoor pests like spiders and termites.

Special Features Include

  • Sturdy and reliable Teak wood material
  • All internal joints are machine-fashioned providing the highest degree of accuracy and precision and then are kiln dried
  • Stainless steel and brass junctions connect to mortise and tenon joints to increase frame strength
  • Chair will maintain its spectacular grain with little required upkeep
  • Unit features a stylish and substantially strong design
  • Versatile design and durability of materials allow chair to be good for use commercially as well as residentially

Versatile European Styling
While the Royal Teak Collection Compass Side Chair COMSC can sometimes appear like a chair that belongs in a fancy outdoor garden, its rugged components and composition along with its gracefully lined early 19th century English garden style make it a piece of furniture that you could very well use at an outdoor cafe or even a restaurant in addition to having it grace your back yard for years and years.

  • Model: COMSC
  • Product Type: Teak Side Chair
  • Product Dimensions: L: 37.50" x W: 20.00" x H: 20.00"
  • Product Weight: 22.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Natural
  • Application: A side chair for table seating outside the home or commercially
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty
  • Furniture Use: Outdoor
  • Furniture Type: Chair
  • Furniture Set: No
  • Finish: Natural Finish
  • Construction: Wood
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Weather Resistant: Yes
  • UV Protected: Yes
  • Aged Teak wood supports durable and sturdy design
  • All internal joints are machine-fashioned for added measurement precision
  • Dazzlingly consistent tabular grain of wood requires minimal upkeep
  • Stainless steel and brass junction points along mortise and tenon joints add to frame strength
  • Versatile and durable design make chair ideal for both personal and commercial use
  • Wood used to make chair provides added protection against outdoor and indoor pests

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