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Bayou Classic CI-7410 10 Gallon Cast Iron Jambalaya Pot Set

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The Bayou Classic CI-7410 10 gallon cast iron jambalaya pot set features hassle-free maintenance. To clean, simply hand wash with a stiff brush and hot water. The CI-7410 jambalaya pot is perfect for cooking your favorite Louisiana jambalaya recipe, but that's not all. It can also be used to make soups, gumbo, etoufee and popcorn as well.

Superior Heat Retention, Even Heating
The Bayou Classic CI-7410 cast iron jambalaya pot features construction that sets the standard for durability, versatility and overall quality. The durable cast iron provides superior heat retention and even heating.

Accessories Included
The CI-7410 10 gallon jambalaya set comes complete with a pot, tripod stand with foot pads and 2 lift hooks for safe and easy handling.

This jambalaya pot set can be used with any of Bayou Classic's single burner cookers.

Outdoor Use
The CI-7410 is especially designed for outdoor use and can even be used directly over a campfire.

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