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Hoover CH81010 Ground Command 21 Inch Commercial Floor Machine

List Price: $1060.59
Price Break: -$244.75
Our Price: $815.84
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Quickly and easily clean almost any floor with the Hoover CH81010 Ground Command 21 Inch commercial floor machine.  It offers an exceptional design that's durable and reliable.  It's also the contractor's first choice for spray, buffing, stripping, scrubbing, shampooing and bonnet cleaning.  This floor cleaner comes with many helpful features that make it perfect for keeping up with your most demanding jobs!

Enhanced Safety
The Hoover CH81010 commercial floor cleaner boasts a very safe design.  It comes with an interlock switch on the handle, which allows you to use both of your hands to operate the unit.  It also comes with non-conductive dual triggers on the handle to eliminate the risk of getting shocked.

Professional Appearance
The Hoover Ground Command floor machine offers an exceptional design and professional appearance.  This unit also boasts an easy to clean design, which means that it looks newer for a longer amount of time.

Impressive Results
This high-performance floor cleaner offers a highly effective design that delivers impressive results.  It boasts a heavy-duty 1.5 HP motor and a high torque transmission to handle your most difficult jobs.

Protective Features
Don't worry about damaging walls, baseboards or floors with the Hoover CH81010 floor machine.  It comes with a super-thick, non-marring bumper to protect walls and baseboards from damage.


Please Note: Pad diver is sold separately.

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