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Dimplex CFP3950O Troy Electric Fireplace

List Price: $778.70
Price Break: -$179.70
Our Price: $599.00
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The Dimplex CFP3950O Troy electric fireplace is warm and inviting with its beautiful oak finish.  It includes many design enhancements and functional upgrades that make it easy to use.  It's the perfect fireplace for heating your family room, den or other indoor living spaces.

Warm and Welcoming
The Troy electric fireplace features a warm oak finish that creates a welcoming ambiance.  Its handsome construction is further enhanced by the carved details and moldings.  This beautiful mantel and electric fireplace will complement any home with its charming design.

The Ultimate View
Enjoy the perfect experience with the Dimplex CFP3950O Troy electric fireplace.  It features a 20 inch electric firebox that comes with Dimplex's patented, life-like flame effect and stacked logs.

Functional Features
The CFP3950O Troy electric fireplace includes many features that make it easy to use.  It comes with on-demand heat and thermostat control to allow you to warm your space with ease.  It also comes with a handy remote control that lets you turn your electric fireplace on and off with ease. 

The Dimplex CFP3950O Troy electric fireplace runs on electricity and doesn't produce harmful emissions like carbon monoxide.  This means that it doesn't pollute and is good for the environment.

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