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Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 Old Fashioned Cotton carnival Candy Machine

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The Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 old fashioned carnival cotton candy machine allows you to easily make and enjoy your own cotton candy.  This life-size cotton candy cart features exquisite old-fashioned details with modern functionality.  It's perfect for use in your home or for a commercial application.

Built in Safety Features
The Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 cotton candy maker is designed to be very safe.  It features a polarized plug that helps prevent electrical shocks.  It also comes with a clear plastic dome for added protection.

1900s Charm
Enjoy the nostalgic look of this old-fashioned cotton candy maker.  Its charming pink finish is enhanced by black and gold accents.  It also features a unique design that resembles an antique cotton candy cart from the 1900s.

This Nostalgia Electrics cotton candy maker is very easy to use.  Simply following the instructions and enjoy freshly made cotton candy!

Convenient Assembly
Assembly is easy with the Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 cotton candy machine.  The unit comes with clear, step-by-step instructions that help ensure a hassle free experience.

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