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NewAir CC-280E 400 Count Cigar Cooler

4.8 Star Rating: Good
5 reviews
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  • 2 Spanish Cedar Drawers & 4 Shelves - Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Digital display allows for precise temperature control
  • Freestanding design makes placement easy


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NewAir CC-280E Humidor
Showcase your cigars with pride in this striking and elegantly designed humidor from the NewAir collection. The CC-280E has the capability of storing up to 400 cigars.

The Possibilities This Beauty Offers

  • Stores 400 Cigars
  • 2 Spanish Cedar Drawers - Hand Crafted in the USA
  • 4 Spanish Cedar Shelves - Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Optimal Humidity Range of 64-70° F
  • Thermoelectric Technology - ensure and vibration free operation

Spanish Cedar Drawers & Shelves
Furnished with 2 Spanish Cedar Drawers and 4 Spanish Cedar Shelves you can store a selection of 400 cigars. The benefits of the Spanish cedar storage is as follows: 

  • Helps maintain humidity
  • Emits a light complementary aroma
  • Supports the aging process
  • Promotes good flavor
  • Prevents mold
  • Helps repel damaging insects and tobacco worms

Storage Capacity
Whether you are a true cigar aficionado or a casual enthusiast, the NewAir CC-280E cigar cooler humidor is a perfect storage solution for preserving up to 400 cigars. Using this airtight thermoelectric 400 count cigar cooler, you can secure your collection and store it to its full advantage. The airtight structure helps maintain a constant level of internal humidity, keeping your cigars moist and in great condition.Temperature control and custom shelving are only a few of the many perks that comes from this humidor.

Digital Controls
Storing cigars at temperatures ranging from 64-70° F, the NewAir CC-280E cigar cooler humidor houses your best cigars in the best possible conditions! The digital touch screen thermostat offers precise temperature control and allows you to store your collection to your preference. Storage Tip: Above 75° F encourages infestations and below 54° F impairs flavor.

Personalized Features
All Spanish cedar drawers and shelving are handmade in the USA to fit the NewAir CC-280E 400 count cigar cooler humidor. In addition to its main purpose of storing, preserving and aging cigars, the NewAir CC-280E cigar cooler humidor has an all over attractive and elegant design, that will showcase your favorite cigars. Simply add a hygrometer to monitor humidity levels and a humidifier to maintain an ideal relative humidity.Tip: Maintain a relative humidity level between 68-74% for optimal results.

Please note: Humidifier and Hygrometer are not included in this kit.

Guaranteed Satisfaction.

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  2. Money back guaranteed
  3. Free return shipping
  4. No restocking fees

  • Model: CC-280E
  • UPC: 854001004594
  • Product Type: 400 Count Cigar Cooler
  • Product Dimensions: L: 17.00" x W: 20.00" x H: 28.75"
  • Product Weight: 44.20 lbs.
  • Product Color: Black
  • Application: Stores cigars
  • Voltage: 150 volts
  • Watts: 70 watts
  • Amps: 1 amps
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Certifications: ETL
  • Humidor Style: Freestanding , Cabinet
  • Capacity: 400 cigars
  • Shelves: 4
  • Drawers: 2
  • Interior Lighting: Yes
  • Includes Humidifier: No
  • Includes Hygrometer: No
  • 2 Spanish Cedar Drawers - Hand Crafted in the USA
  • 4 Spanish Cedar Shelves - Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Add a humidor and and hygrometer quickly and easily
  • Humidor ready interior is airtight and ready to house your cigar collection
  • Optimal Humidity Range of 64-70° F
  • Thermoelectric Technology - ensure and vibration free operation
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty
Average rating:
4.8 Star Rating: Good
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
Best bang for the buck for cigar cooler
I couldn't be happier with the product and the protection of my cigar collection. Great price point!
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
Excellent quality and function just as described.
Humidor shipped very quick and was everything I expected. The Spanish cedar drawers and shelving are perfect for cigar storage. The temperature is very constant and thanks to the therm-o-electric cooling system the humidifier (purchased separately) is able to maintain a constant 70% RH with only a weekly refill. No replacement for the peace of mind knowing all my cigars safe and secure.
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
Product has great features.
Bought This Product As A Gift. Received It Within 5 Days. Very Satisified With Everything.
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
A great purchase !
This wineador is working as advertised, and I am very pleased with it !
4.0 Star Rating: Good
Suits my neeed perfectily
I live in a very hot and dry climate my wooden humidors would warp or crack and needed constant attention. Now i have a few hundred cigars in a cool stable environment. Worry free.

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Why did you buy this item?
Cigars are too expensive and good to lose
- Brian A. on 03-09-2014
looked at product and found that your discount savings
- Juan G. on 03-25-2014
I live in South Florida. Constant temperature for my cigars are important to me. Supposedly this item will solve my problem.
- Ethan E. on 05-06-2014
I read good reviwes hope I will write one myself
- Duane G. on 05-10-2014
I bought this for my dad, after doing a lot of research. Looks like the best way to keep cigars fresh without spending a small fortune. It is a much better option than buying a humidor made in china and trying to add a cooling portable unit.
- Kristyna G. on 05-12-2014
Was a great deal and all came as one unit
- Jeffrey T. on 06-18-2014
Price and convienence
- Joseph P. on 06-25-2014
I've heard nothing but rave reviews on this set up for a home humidor.
- Ron S. on 07-06-2014
- ANTHONY S. on 08-01-2014
Well reviewed, good deal with coupon code.
- Barry K. on 09-13-2014
I live in Florida and need the cooler!
- Patrick M. on 10-02-2014
Innovative product. I can't believe I have heard about this before now!
- John C. on 10-18-2014
Recommended by a friend
- R Clay G. on 11-25-2014
Great price
- James F. on 11-29-2014
I recently bought this product and noticed that the temperature doesn't go over 65 ? Why ? I would like make the cabinet 69 degrees. Why cant you adjust the thermastat ? Thank You Mike
- Michael C. on 2014-04-22
The unit has a cooling range of 54?F - 66?F.
- CustomerServiceSTAFF on 2014-04-23
The unit has a cooling range of 54??F - 66??F.
- CustomerServiceSTAFF on 2014-04-23
The unit has a cooling range of 54??F - 66??F.
- CustomerServiceSTAFF on 2014-04-23
Does it make any difference where the drawers or shelves are placed? I have one pound of Heartfelt beads in two separate containers and have experimented with placing them in different areas to keep a consistent humidity. The top stays between 73 to 75% and the bottom stays between 66 to 68%. I would like 70 % throughout. Any Ideas?
- Steven K. on 2014-06-10
The manufacturer recommends placing half at the bottom of the unit and the other half in middle of the unit.
- CustomerServiceSTAFF on 2014-06-11
Where is the best place to put the humidifier on the bottom or top?
- Steven K. on 2014-06-10
I put 1lb of beads on the top, and 1lb of beads on the bottom - never more than 1% difference between top, middle, and bottom hygrometers.
- Richard D. H. on 2014-06-10
Bottom works Best. My wife gifted me the first one, I now have 2. They are great humidors. Enjoy
- Rebecca N. on 2014-06-10
Steven, Place it at the bottom so you get full air rotation i suggest using a cigar oasis XL Plus.
- Louis P. on 2014-06-10
The only humidifcation I use is , two bags of Kitty litter about a (1 1/2 lbs total), in nylon hose (toes of nylon stockings) I place the bags on the bottom of the unit. on each shelves and in each drawer I place Humidapacks (68%)....About ever 2 month I spray the Kitty Litter beads with distilled water ... I set the temp at 68 and my humidity stays 68-70%...
- Brad M. on 2014-06-10
Best would be a small humidifier in both top and bottom, but I've had good luck with just an open top gladware container full of Heartfelt beads sitting in the bottom, with my hygrometer sitting in the middle.
- David L. on 2014-06-10
I place one in bottom draw and on the bottom rack
- sean m. on 2014-06-10
I use Bolveda packets 69% RH. Place them all around
- Duane G. on 2014-07-04
I don't use a humidifier in mine. I use clay beads to stabilize and equalize my humidity. The canister is on the top shelf and my temp/humidity gauge is calibrated and in center
- Brian A. on 2014-06-11
On the bottom.
- Octavio F. on 2014-06-11
- B L. on 2014-06-11
I have 2 units. On one unit it sits on the middle shelf. On my other unit it sits on the bottom. I don't see a difference regarding placement. Incidentally, I use a small electronic unit in each. I hope this helps you.
- Ethan E. on 2014-06-11
Can I request additional drawers and or shelves. I want to customized to fit my needs?
- Darrell H. on 2014-08-30
At this time we do not offer customized shelves.
- CustomerServiceSTAFF on 2014-09-03