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King BKT1BW Built-In Single Pole Thermostat for K-Series in White

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  • For use with K & CB baseboard heaters
  • Includes thermostat, knob & j-box cover
  • Steel construction


Made for your King Electric K-Series baseboard heater, this King BKT1BW built-in single pole thermostat for K-Series in white provide excellent heating!

For K-Series Baseboard Heaters
The King BKT1BW built-in single pole thermostat is made to accompany the K-Series baseboard heater. This thermostat connects to the heater for superior temperature control.

Flexible Hook Up
Choose the side of the baseboard heater you want to install this thermostat on and wire it according to the manufacturer instructions. The King BKT1BW built-in single pole thermostat is designed for left or right mounting.

An Optimal Performer
With heating from 40-90 degrees F, this King BKT1BW built-in single pole thermostat offers superior temperature and the perfect amount of heating. 

Simple Setup
This King BKT1 built-in tamper proof single pole thermostat makes installation easy. Everything you need is included so you don't have to order extra parts. It comes with the thermostat, knob & j-box.

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