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Napoleon BIPRO600RBIPSS 922 sq. in. Built-in Gas Grill

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The Napoleon BIPRO600BIPSS Prestige PRO propane gas built-in grill is the grill of choice for professional quality grilling results. 922 square inches of available cooking area mean you'll never have to compromise when grilling again, cook for everyone at once! The 82,500 BTUs of grilling power make it easy to cook your meal exactly the way you want! Professional quality stainless steel parts keep the grill performing at its best year after year and make your meals come out great every time.

Rotisserie Kit
The included rotisserie kit opens up a whole new world of cooking possibilities. Infrared rotisserie burner allows you to cook meat perfectly on the commercial quality counterbalanced spit.

High Top LIFT EASE Lid
The easy to use LIFT EASE lid features a high top design perfect for cooking larger items. Combined with the included rotisserie kit it allows you to cook an array of exciting and creative meals!

SIZZLE ZONE Infrared Burner
The Infrared SIZZLEZONE burner lets you rapidly cook meats or sear to perfection with temperatures up to 1800° F!

WAVE Rod Cooking Grids
The WAVE rod stainless steel cooking grids provide great support for the food you cook and make cleanup a breze. No more hassling with food falling through or messy cleanups with the BIPRO600RBIPSS.

Please note the unit does not include doors, drawers or island. Hoses not included, recommend hard piped installation.

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