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Dimplex BF33DXP-BCW2 Electric Fireplace

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List Price: $1948.70
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  • Equipped with patented LED illuminated molded glow logs and embers
  • On/off heater for the experience of a fire with or without heat
  • Proprietary Purefire air treatment system included


Dimplex BF33DXP-BCW2 Electric Fireplace offers a versatile, enjoyable fireplace experience without the hassle of a conventional installation.

A white, universally appealing surround completes this versatile unit that works with almost any home decor. The beauty of this unit is emphasized by the LED illuminated ember bed and molded glow logs.

Powerful Heating
This unit draws up to 2,700 watts of pure heating power. Suitable even for larger rooms, you and your friends will be comfortable any day of the year.

Convenient Features
This unit features a heater on/off switch so on those warm days when you want to enjoy the spectacle of a fire without the heat, you can do so. Also, because this unit is powered by electricity, you won't have to waste time cleaning up soot and ash unlike wood or gel fireplaces.

Environmentally Friendly
Conventional fuel burning fireplaces produce deadly gasses and byproducts that can harm you, your family as well as the environment. This electric fireplace does not, however, so you can also enjoy peace of mind.

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