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Manitowoc B-420 310 Pound Ice Storage Bin with Insulated Door

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The Manitowoc B-420 310 pound ice storage bin stores ice at a consistently cool temperature, making it perfect for use in large businesses or small restaurants. The ice bin offers easy access to ice with a patented hold-open hinged door design that flips up and stays put for as long as you need it.

Improved Sanitation
The Manitowoc B-420 features an internal built-in ice scoop holder that stays above the ice line for improved sanitation.

Sleek Design
Measuring only 22 inches across, this ice storage bin can even fit in areas with tight spaces.

Won't Slam Shut
The B-420 is sure to stay quiet even as you close the bin door. The ice storage bin comes with a soft durometer trim that makes sure the door closes silently every time.

PVC Base Molding
This ice bin won't dent or scratch when you clean beneath the bin due to the PVC base molding located at the bottom of the unit.

Stores 310 Pounds of Ice
Perfect for bars, restaurants, big businesses, and more, the Manitowoc B-420 ice storage bin is able to store up to 310 pounds of ice at once!

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