Austin Springs AS-WH Whole House Water Filter

  • 3 stages of filtration
  • High performance design
  • NSF certified
  •
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Austin Springs AS-WH Whole House Water Filter
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Enjoy the benefits of superior water filtration with the Austin Springs AS-WH whole house water filter. It's powerful and effectively reduces impurities.

3 Stage Filtration
This Austin Springs AS-WH whole house water filter includes 3 stages of filtration including: a Sediment Pre-Filter, patented Copper/Zinc media, and Activated Carbon. This filtering system works together to clean the water.

Purifies Every Tap
The Austin Springs whole house water filter purifies every tap by removing 97% of chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, rust, sediment, bacteria and algae, plus heavy metals. It's a healthier way to go.

Removes VOC's
Providing cleaner air within your home, the Austin Springs AS-WH whole house water filter reduces the presence of harmful volatile organic chemicals.

Better Taste & Softer Skin
Enjoy fresher tasting water from the tap and a cleaner shower experience. This Austin Springs AS-WH whole house water filter has the power to transform tap water so you benefit from softer hair and skin, too.

Guaranteed Satisfaction.

  1. 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  2. Up to 30 days to return your purchase
  3. Money back guaranteed
  4. Free return shipping
  5. No restocking fees


  • Model: AS-WH
  • UPC: 816749010992
  • Product Type: Whole House Water Filter
  • Product Dimensions: L: 10.00" x W: 10.00" x H: 48.00"
  • Product Weight: 40.00 lbs.
  • Application: Filters impurities from household tap water
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Certifications: NSF
  • Purification Technology: Sediment Pre-Filter, Copper/Zinc media, and Activated Carbon
  • Contaminants Removed/Reduced: Chlorine , Heavy Metals , Sediment , Bacteria , Pesticides , VOCs , Chloramine , Herbicides
  • Installation Location: Water Piping System (Whole House)


  • Activated Carbon filter removes chemical compounds
  • Copper/Zinc media and crushed mineral stone reduces chlorine
  • Provides clean, pure water from every tap in the house
  • Reduces contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, rust, and metals
  • Removes over 97% of chlorine
  • Sediemnt pre-filter reduces rust, sediment, and sill

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Austin Springs AS-WH Whole House Water Filter

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